Nexus One already showing up in browsing statistics

Nexus One already showing up in browsing statistics
Analytics firm Clicky has some interesting information about the Nexus One. Even though those who have ordered the handset don't have it yet, those who have received a unit either as a Google employee or to test as a member of the media, are using the browser. After just one day, Clicky reports that the so-called Google Phone has a .61% share of the 170,000 plus web sites that use Clicky. Now, to put that in perspective, the Motorola DROID has a 5.35% share-but that is after 2 months. Android as a whole shows a 7.44% piece of the internet pie. And as a possible sign of the future, the Apple iPhone lost a full percentage point of share on the one day that the Nexus One shows up in the numbers. Now, yeah, it is a bit early and it is only one day. But Apple's current 45% marketshare is under attack and if it remains just one phone on just one carrier, its share is going to be easy pickings for the Nexus One and the DROID. and again, these stats don't include all of the people who just ordered the N-One and can't wait to get their browsing little fingers all over the handset.

HTC Nexus One Specifications

source: Clicky via TechCrunch


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