Nextbit to end support for its cloud-centric smartphone on July 31

It's sad when a great product reaches end of life (EOL) status, but these are the beautiful intricacies of life in the smartphone industry. In order for a new device to make its way into the world, an old one needs to die.

One of the smartphones that many have seen as innovative, the Nextbit Robin is about to reach that EOL status at the end of the month. Nextbit folks have just announced that phone and chat support for their Robin smartphone will be suspended indefinitely on July 31.

Any information related to the phone will be handled through email after that date. Even though the company seems to be working on one last update that would fix some of the issues the community has pointed out, it's no guarantee it will be released by the end of the month.

Nextbit had been acquired by Razer earlier this year, so it's a bit unclear whether or not there will be other smartphones released by the small start-up in the future.

In related news, the Nextbit Robin had been recently on sale on eBay for just $110. However, seeing that Nextbit will suspend support for the could-oriented smartphone, this might not be such a good deal after all.



1. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

is they also close the 100GB cloud storage service? if yes, the the owners is really screwed (especially the one that get this phone for full price, lol)

2. Rafishant

Posts: 396; Member since: Oct 13, 2015

Damn! I just purchased Robin yesterday to my brother from that eBay deal. I enticed him to use this phone with its 100GB free cloud storage as a daily driver. I don't know what should I tell him now LOL.

3. tokuzumi

Posts: 1900; Member since: Aug 27, 2009

It does have official Lineage OS builds, so at least there's that. But if the cloud storage goes away , that would be troublesome, as I can't remember if this phone has expandable storage or not.

4. android1234

Posts: 203; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

Still, for $110 you're getting a decent spec'd NEW phone, with 32GB of storage. The base model iPhone is 32GB without additional storage. Runs near stock Android, and the latest software is upto date with 7.1.1. You cant find another phone that is brand new, with these specs for $110, unlocked, and with finger print reader.

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