New details about Windows Phone 7 Series appear at MIX10

New details about Windows Phone 7 Series appear at MIX10
The announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series was, without doubt, one of the most exciting things that happened last month. Microsoft, however, did not reveal much at the official introduction of the new operating system at MWC 2010 and disclosed only the major novelty features of WP7S. The software giant has decided to shed more light on its latest platform at the ongoing MIX10 and answered many of the open questions that were left, well, pending after MWC earlier this year. Probably the most interesting thing that happened on the first day of MIX10 was none other, but the introduction of three handsets based on WP7S, by LG (the device is also known as the Panther), Samsung and ASUS respectively. Sadly, no further details about them got revealed really.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Windows Phone 7 Series that got out in the open was the minimum system requirements of the operating system and they include:

•    Capacitive screen with at least 4 contact points, i.e. multitouch support
•    5-megapixel camera with flash and shutter
•    256MB RAM and at least 8GB Flash (no, this is not a mistake)
•    Processor with ARMv7 Cortex/Scorpion architecture
•    Video accelerator with DirectX 9 support
•    Accelerometer, A-GPS, compass, proximity and light-sensitivity sensors
•    Three hardware buttons – Start, Search and Back

What got revealed at MIX10 as well was that the new operating system would initially run on devices with WVGA displays only (480x800 pixels), although the support would be expanded to include HVGA screens later on (320x480 pixels).

Microsoft also disclosed new information about Windows Marketplace, but we have already told you about them. Still, let´s summarize them in brief – first, all devices running WP7S will support installation of software downloaded from the official online store only. Period. Second, developers will be free to offer application trials for their programs and third, software appearing at the Marketplace will be subject of a stringent, but transparent approval process.

Another interesting aspect of Windows Phone 7 Series is the platform will feature built-in DivX support. Well, this is more than welcome indeed!

Earlier today, Microsoft released a software training pack called Windows Developer Training Kit to help developers get acquainted with the methodology and requirements for creation of Windows Phone 7 Series programs. The pack, however, does not allow for software development, i.e. it´s not an SDK.

To top it off and right on the first day of MIX10, Microsoft announced the software companies it would be partnering with. The list of famous names includes The Associated Press, EA Mobile, SPB Software, Pandora and IMDB. Truth be told, the list itself is far from being long really, although it does not look halfway bad for a start either, not to mention there is still quite a lot of time until the official release of the operating system.

source: SlashGear, Akihabara News, The Windows Blog, Engadget



1. tuminatr

Posts: 1169; Member since: Feb 23, 2009

I have got to say this looks impressive

2. easytochris

Posts: 126; Member since: Jan 21, 2010

these phones will also support microsoft's silverlight software. silverlight is what requires for instant streaming, and yes yes yes it will happen. check out for netflix's native wp7s streaming in action

3. fsjon

Posts: 120; Member since: Sep 03, 2009

Noticed it didn't say expandable memory? Looks like it's gonna be almost an iphone clone in MS flavor. Guess I'll be sticking with windows MOBILE for a while.

4. zerglisk

Posts: 544; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

Hope Microsoft can make a come back to their infamous Win Mo 6 series

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