LG's Windows Phone 7 Series prototype gets a name - the LG Panther

LG's Windows Phone 7 Series prototype gets a name - the LG Panther
For those who were eagerly reading about LG's Windows Phone 7 Series handset, its codename was relatively unknown when its presence was made to the world. Despite that piece of information not being divulged beforehand, we're pretty sure that most people were probably thinking more about the handset than its actual name. Well it seems that eventually there would be some kind of name that would've been unearthed to be associated with it. It appears as though Best Mobile Contracts was able to convince the Korean manufacturer to let out its name so that we have something to actually call it by – as opposed to referring to it as LG's prototype Windows Phone 7 Series handset. With that in mind, the moniker given to this device presently will be the LG Panther – its reference to the giant wild cat really plays to its name. Not only does it discretely manage to tuck away a landscape sliding QWERTY keyboard to its uniform pitch black shell, but you know there is something else waiting behind the bushes ready to attack with Microsoft's next generation platform.

source: Best Mobile Contracts via wmpoweruser

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