New York City Sprint HTC EVO 4G event - available June 4th for $200

New York City Sprint HTC EVO 4G event - available June 4th for $200
During a private event held in the heart of New York City, Sprint and HTC showcased and let out some additional news surrounding the much anticipated HTC EVO 4G that's been in the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere. Sprint's own CEO, Dan Hesse, let out the pieces of information that we've all been waiting for – its release date and pricing. From the man himself, he made known to the entire world that the HTC EVO 4G will be available starting on June 4th for the traditional premier smartphone price of $199.99. Although it's only a couple days earlier than the rumored release date of June 6th, it'll nonetheless be here sooner than later. Although the handset pricing doesn't come to be much of a surprise, we were later told towards the end about the required $10 per month charge for the HTC EVO 4G – it's the price to pay for 4G connectivity. When it came down to its Mobile Hotspot feature, Sprint is making it optional at $30 per month – something that echoes so loudly when you compare it what Verizon is doing for its webOS smartphones.

Later on, some of the presenters showed off the multimedia capabilities of the HTC EVO 4G – like how it is superior to the Motorola DROID when it comes to streaming higher definition content directly from YouTube. The docking accessory to play content from the HTC EVO 4G directly to a television was announced as being available from the start. Now one of the biggest things questioned around the HTC EVO 4G is if it'll have the capability of doing data and voice simultaneously – apparently it can! From their demonstration, they were able to make a phone call and use the Google Goggles app to take a photo and find information about the Guggenheim museum – where they eventually launched the browser to find out more information about it. So there you have it, AT&T isn't the only one in the business to be able to do voice and data simultaneously. Furthermore, they used the Layar augmented reality app to find the closest subway station in relation to the location of the event. All of this was done to clearly show some of the speed prowess associated with the HTC EVO 4G's high speed internet connection thanks to WiMAX 4G connection – which was especially brought along to New York for a sneak peek. Finally, they showed off how flawlessly the smartphone was able to play the latest Need For Speed game that'll be available for the handset from the start of its availability as well. To show off its Mobile Hotspot feature, they showed how both the iPhone 3GS and iPad were able to utilize the HTC EVO 4G's Mobile Hotspot feature to search content on the internet with lightning fast speeds. As far as video chat is concerned, Qik's CEO came on the stage to talk about the EVO 4G's streaming video service that'll undoubtedly become one of its key features.

Now that we finally know the exact pricing and release date for the HTC EVO 4G, the only thing left to complete this puzzle is the eventual outcome. Naturally there is going to be a lot riding on the back of the HTC EVO 4G, but there are many factors that'll come into mind to make it successful as we'll no doubt see many more devices test out its reach in the coming months. However, we continuously see stellar products coming out of HTC's camp – and the HTC EVO 4G can be considered as the culmination of all their hard work. Some argue it to be just the next step for them, but one can visually see the evolutionary steps HTC has taken to get to where it is now. And with that, you can check out some of the fantastic HTC devices that were crafted in bringing them into the spot light. With June 4th quickly approaching, there won't be any shortages of customers who will be looking forward to this handset!

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