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New Shadowgun Legends MMO shooter with stunning graphics is about to drop


We fondly remember the Shadowgun games for being among the first to seriously showcase smartphones and tablets' gaming muscle. The original game and the multiplayer battler DeadZone made an example of current, at the time, graphics silicon by Qualcomm and Nvidia with their crisp, console-quality visuals and fast-paced shooting action that handled remarkably well, despite touch controls' inherent shortcomings.

Thus, we're quite excited about being teased with a brand new Shadowgun title! It's called Legends, and it stands for a multiplayer first-person shooter that looks truly dazzling! Of course, screenshots make it look a little prettier than it probably is in reality, but knowing Madfinger Games, the Czechs will be able to pump out mighty impressive visuals regardless!

While visceral graphics are definitely the hot conversation point here, the game itself looks promising as well. It's an old-school multiplayer arena shooter where players fight for the life of mankind. The more bounties you score, the more of your gear you can upgrade and progress above your many peers from around the world.

Madfinger published a teaser video showing off some characters and a lot of blown heads. There are mercenaries, mercenaries reading cyber erotica in the loo, and mercenaries being stomped to the ground by robots. There's also a big, huge mecha that seems ready to obliterate anything in sight. In short, Shadowgun Legends looks like good times! The game will be announced officially in about three hours from now, so if you are interested, keep an eye on its official website (linked below)!

source: Shadowgun Legends
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