New Pink smartphone to be launched by Samsung on November 7

New Pink smartphone to be launched by Samsung on November 7
Now that the Galaxy Note 7 is out of the picture, Samsung is focusing its entire energy on the production of the only flagship smartphone that could remain competitive for the rest of the year, the Galaxy S7.

The South Korean company recently announced it will ramp up production of the Galaxy S7 and its edge counterpart, in order to make up for the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 and to offer Samsung fans a solid alternative.

Early this month, Samsung launched the Blue Coral version of the Galaxy S7/S7 edge, which is meant to spice up its lineup a bit. This particular version will be available worldwide, but it will go out in waves.

Now it looks like the handset maker plans to launch a pink version of another smartphone in its portfolio. Unfortunately, the name of the device is still a mystery, but Samsung confirmed it will reveal it on November 7.

Samsung might launch another pink Galaxy S7/S7 edge later today, since there's already one pink gold version available for purchase for many months now. It could be a “pure pink” Galaxy S7/S7 edge variant or a completely different phone.

But let's not make too many assumptions and wait until the end of the day for Samsung to reveal its new pink smartphone. It's also worth noting that the device will be introduced in China, so we're not even sure that it will be available in other regions as well.

source: Weibo via TechGrapple



1. willywanta

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why pink is always correlated with female? I'm a guy and i like pink color.

2. abdoualgeria

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U'r sure u are not gay ?

3. Carlitos

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No pink is just a nice color. I'm a straight guy rock pink shirts all the time

7. TechieXP1969

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So liking pink means you ave to be gay now? That's ignorant an stupid. I don't like pink, I do like Fushia (hot pink). I'm not gonna wear it, but I do like the shade and I like to see my wife wear it and other girls too. Especially pretty Asian girls. Does a woman have to be tom-boy if she likes blue? Just showing you how ignorant your post is.

4. Bananakiller

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5. JoshuaDK

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Pink used to be a masculine colour until around a hundred years ago. Blue was the girly colour

6. TechieXP1969

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