New Google Maps feature will help you get food delivered to your door

New Google Maps feature will help you get food delivered to your door
The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the US hard right now, with many businesses closing down to limit the spread of the virus. Pharmacies and grocery stores remain open, but if you're not a fan of cooking at home, it might be hard to get food delivered to your door. Restaurants are closed for customers, of course, but many of them offer deliveries and curb takeouts. Now Google Maps will help you find these spots with a new feature highlighting restaurants with the option for deliveries and takeouts.

The new feature is rolling out with an update for iOS and Android and is already available in the US, Canada, and France, among other places (users report the feature showing in Italy as well). You probably won't be able to order food directly from the Maps app, but the option shows and promotes local restaurants that can deliver food to you in times when going out on the streets can be dangerous.

You'll see the new feature when you open the Google Maps app. It shows directly under the search bar, and if you tap Takeout or Delivery, the app will sort out and show the nearest places that offer these services. There's also a Coronavirus tab under the map, linking to the latest info about the COVID-19 on Google Search. Recent information from experts states that conventional cooking and food sterilization methods kill the coronavirus, and you can order food without any health concerns.


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