New Galaxy S9 leaks: no headphone jack?


So, with 2017 nearing its end and all the major smartphone announcements behind us, it's a good time to look ahead into early 2018, as that's when the annual Mobile World Congress will take place. At it, as always, we expect to see the big dogs — Samsung and LG — as well as others.

The Galaxy S9 is slowly becoming a hot topic as of late. There are a lot of lingering questions — "Will Samsung change the design or will it pull an Apple "s"?", "Will it move the fingerprint scanner from that odd, side-of-the-camera position?", "And will it continue to put headphone jacks on its phones?".

Well, a new leak, which claims to reveal some Galaxy S9 specifics, tries to answer those.

Coming "from China", and posted on tech site TechDroider, we have a couple of sketches for the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+. By now, we are pretty much expecting Samsung to always introduce a flagship duo — one with a smaller screen and one phablet — so there's no reason to doubt this.

Then, we have some specific details. Apparently, Samsung is working on a "More secure facial recognition", which would include 3D sensing tech. This is no doubt in response to Apple's Face ID — Sammy just needs to add a depth-sensing face scanner to its already stellar iris scanner and it will probably be up to par. Of course, we are yet to find out how good Face ID is in the first place.

The design is pretty similar to the Galaxy S8, but do note that the bottom bezel is nearly gone, while the top one has been slimmed further.

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Let's get to the juicy stuff now. According to the leak, Samsung is experimenting with placing a fingerprint scanner underneath the screen's glass, but is allegedly still experiencing issues. This falls in line with previous rumors we've heard — that under-the-glass fingerprint scanners would be introduced with the Galaxy Note 9.

Another line of text that drew our attention is "No headphone jack". Cue Darth Vader's cringy "Nooo!" right here. If this rumor is true, it would seem Sammy is also joining the Courage Squad.

Also, take note that the schematics say "Dual 16 MP rear camera" and "Dual 12 MP front camera". So, the Galaxy S9 will probably get the telephoto lens camera that the Note 8 has. That's cool, but what kind of selfie cam are we going to have on the front? A wide-angle? We'll see...

source: TechDroid

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