Never lose track of your stuff with Pixie, the ultimate lost and found system

Never lose track of your stuff with Pixie, the ultimate lost and found system
It happens to even the most organized of people. You know, you wake up in the morning and struggle to find the television remote. Quite simply, sometimes it escapes our memory as to where we last placed it – or it’s merely the early wake up that’s preventing our memory from recalling. In any case, there’s a solution that this company, Pixie Technology, believes is the perfect solution in keeping track of all that matters in our lives.

Utilizing its proprietary Location of Things Platform, Pixie is a new technology that allows users to instantly discover various toys, gadgets, and all sorts of other things that we sometimes lose track of. Essentially, it’s a platform that allows us to quickly seek out missing things – like that remote in the morning, the house keys, and even something such as your smartphone. Keeping track of things will never be the same again once you’ve experienced Pixie!

So, how does It work you ask? Well, you basically sticker these smart tags called “Pixel Points” that work in conjunction with the dedicated Pixie app to instantly sync the location of your various affixed devices. Using sophisticated triangulation technology, you can use the mobile app to show you exactly where these affixed devices are located, which have a range of up to 150 feet – though, indoor coverage is more in the 30 to 50 feet range.

On top of just being able to track down missing or misplaced items, Pixie even throws in a useful feature for users that allow them to create and manage individual Pixie Point tags. In particular, you can set the Pixie Point tag attached to your carry-on luggage to remind you about carrying certain things – such as your passport, charger, laptop, and much more. Interestingly enough, these smart tag Pixie Points have a battery life of approximately 18 months of usage.

Thanks to Pixie, you’ll be able to better track of the things that are important to you. Sometimes we’re able to recall and track down things on our own, but in other instances, it just escapes our mind – causing us to sniff them out for an undetermined period of time. For those of you wondering, Pixie Points are currently available for pre-order, with an expected shipment for summer 2015. Costing $39.95, it includes 4 Pixie Points that can be attached to your precious items.

source: Pixie Technology



1. You_Dont_Say

Posts: 431; Member since: Jan 26, 2015

So, if someone steals and hacks into your phone, your house has just become a burglar's candy store. Let's hope this app provides ample security.

2. sam_tek

Posts: 105; Member since: Feb 18, 2011

you don't seem to get the point of it. It's for everyday used things that you might forget where you kept them. It's not like you are going to wrap your wife's diamond necklace in a pixie sticker and tag it so that you can store it in a hole in the wall!

3. Jack58221

Posts: 157; Member since: Feb 23, 2013

"Ok kids, before we go to the zoo do you have your stickers?" Not as secure as taking the kids to the vet and getting them tagged, but it makes for a less awkward conversation if the police are involved.

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