Nanotips turns all gloves into touch-screen gloves by means of nanotech sorcery

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Nanotips founder Tony Yu had one simple problem, which led him to a complex solution. An avid motorcyclist, he wanted to use his smartphone without having to take off his motorbiking gloves. Admittedly, he could have bought a Lumia phone, but that wouldn't have been very entrepreneurial. 

Out of this necessity, and with an innovative product in sight, Nanotips was born. After months of experiments in a garage, the young company came up with a liquid solution that can be applied to gloves of all kinds, styles, and sizes, making them touchscreen-compatible for weeks, or even months. If it wears off, just re-apply!

The Kickstarter-funded startup has prepared two products - Nanotips Blue and Nanotips Black. The first one is designed to be used on fabrics. It dries to a 80% transparent blueish tint, so hopefully there won't be any stains. The second one is to be used on leathers, rubbers, and other thick materials. It doesn't stay transparent, however – after drying, it becomes black. Each Nanotips Blue bottle can treat an average of 15 fingers, while Nanotips Black can treat up to 30.

Both solutions work their magic by creating a conductive layer between your finger and the touch-screen. The science of it is quite intriguing. The liquid contains ultra-fine conductive nanoparticles that form a grid-like film on the surface of the material the solution is applied to. The grid-like formation remains intact regardless of what the gloves are subjected to (with the exception of washing or being soaked in other liquids).

Nanotips has already amassed five times its original goal of $10,500, which means it should start production pretty soon. A single bottle will cost about $20 when it reaches the market. The team behind the touchscreen-friendly liquid is already planning to explore its possible applications for prosthetic hands in the future, with the goal of enabling their users to comfortably handle a smartphone.

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source: Kickstarter via Mashable

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