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Mystery of the sliding Lumia 920: phone develops a mind of its own when lying flat

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Mystery of the sliding Lumia 920: phone develops a mind of its own when lying flat
Owners are reporting that they have witnessed their Nokia Lumia 920 just slide away when lying flat on some surfaces, dropping on the floor as a result. Now, the phone is built like a tank, and nothing happened to it when it slid, but it wasn't vibrating with notifications or anything that would cause it to move while just standing still.

In the video below, the forum member Cheyenne Price documented the time when his Nokia Lumia 920 got possessed by the joy of motion, lying face down on the lid of his Dell laptop. The handset starts slowly sliding towards the edge of the computer, ready to tip over towards the carpet.

There is a pretty probably explanation to all this, which another forum member, mparker, gave about the mystery of the sliding Lumia 920:

The thing is that the Lumia 920 is heavier than today's average smartphone, so gravity is working overtime with it to make the sliding happen, especially if the surface it lies on is not utterly flat, and the friction with the phone is low. 

Other users are reporting similar experiences with different handsets, too, like the HTC 8X Windows Phone, and you might have experienced the same thing with a phone of your own, too. If so, sound off in the comments. One thing is for sure - the attention to minute Lumia 920 details seems to be reaching iPhone and Galaxy S line levels.

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