Mystery V2 and GK handsets will shoot LG into the top 3 of Android makers, says Samsung

Mystery V2 and GK handsets will shoot LG into the top 3 Android makers, says Samsung
Samsung Securities, the finance and investment arm of the South Korean conglomerate we mostly know because of its remarkable rise on the smartphone front in the past few years, has some nice things to say about LG going forward.

The analysts there think that LG will become the 3rd largest Android manufacturer next quarter, grabbing 5.8% market share. Why so? Well, flying on the wings of the flagship Optimus G, but also on its "successors (such as the V2 and GK)".

While we can totally agree that the Optimus G is a monster of a handset, we are pretty curious about those eventual V2 and GK units Samsung's analysts are talking about. Flagships are a good thing, but you gain more market share not with phones that cost north of $600 SIM-free, but rather with decent mid- and low-range devices.

Samsung is a living proof for that theory, so those two rumored handsets from LG might very well be midrangers, although the word "successors" keeps our hopes high that it is used in the meaning of Optimus G heirs, indicating flagship status, rather than just phones "succeeding" it in LG's launch timeframe.

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