Mystery Motorola Android model appears

Mystery Motorola Android model appears
A picture made its way into the in hopper at Pocket Now, showing a blurry snapshot of what appears to be a mystery Motorola Android device. With no visible buttons on the front of the hardware, we could be looking at capacitive buttons that are dark with the power off. Or maybe the device has no buttons-which could be a sign that the unit is running Ice Cream Sandwich. The ribbon protruding from the model means that the mystery phone is being tested and Pocket Now noticed a "horizontal seam at the bottom" which probably means that a sliding physical QWERTY keyboard will be on board when the model is finished.

Does this mystery device have a DROID-esque appearance to it, and is it just the angle of the photo that makes the screen look so big? Don't keep us in suspense too long, Motorola, give us some details on this mystery model; inquiring minds want to know.

source: Pocketnow via AndroidandMe

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