Murtazin: Samsung Galaxy S IV to be introduced March 14th in New York City

Murtazin: Samsung Galaxy S IV to be introduced March 14th in New York City
Eldar Murtazin, whose information has sometimes ended up to be quite accurate, has tweeted some information about the upcoming introduction of the eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy S IV. According to Murtazin, the actual unveiling of the Android flagship will take place on March 14th at an event in New York City. With the impressive sales rung up by the Samsung Galaxy S III, and the model's ability to stand up to the Apple iPhone 5, it makes sense that the sequel to one of the most wildly used phones in the world would have so many people watching its every move.

Earlier speculation had the Samsung Galaxy S IV being introduced on March 15th and then launching in Europe during the next month. The device would  then rollout to the Americas, Australia and Africa in May and June. That gap in time between the introduction and the eventual U.S. launch would equal what was seen for the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung expects to see sales of the new phone reach 100 million units.

Murtazin's tweet also mentions that HTC will miss HTC One sales in 2013, like it did in 2012. It is not entirely clear whether the reference is being made to the new HTC One, expected to be introduced on February 19th, or to the current HTC One lineup which includes models like the HTC One X+, HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V. Either way, the comment by Murtazin does not sound good for Taiwan based HTC. While the HTC DROID DNA/HTC Butterfly has impressed with its 5 inch FHD screen and 441ppi pixel density, the competition at the high end of the smartphone market is fierce. The upcoming HTC One is expected to offer a 4.7 inch FHD screen which would work out to an industry leading 468ppi pixel density.

source: @eldarmurtazin, AllAboutSamsung (translated) via SammyHub

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1. drpain

Posts: 85; Member since: Feb 07, 2013

He's got one thing right: HTC will lose again. Poor battery, small screen, no expandable storage. RIP HTC One.

4. SleepingOz unregistered

Small screen?? The butterfly features a 5" screen.. How is that small? It will surely be difficult for HTC to catch up with Samsung but who knows, dude.. Who knows..

24. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Butterfly isnt available in the states dna is only on verizon. So they will loose sales. Still very excited what samsung had too offer. Their the only ones that out bid the iph4. Now the sg iv will out sell the iph5 & have a lead start over the plain boring iph5s

29. Dr.Phil

Posts: 2528; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

Am I the only one who is wondering where these people are coming from? It's the first time I've seen them comment on this site and they are already making the site look bad. It's like looking at YouTube comments...

32. maccess

Posts: 742; Member since: Jan 16, 2013

most of them are from sony or nokia army.. i can say that they even act much scarier than the apple fans...

40. kclgphilsbsa

Posts: 765; Member since: Jan 21, 2013

Punypoop and SleepingOZ started in the comparison of Sony with Galaxy s3, Punypoop trying to dfend his beloved Xperia Z and calling PA biased for telling sme problems with XZ. thats what Sony fanboys are today

44. SleepingOz unregistered

Right, I don't get it though! They keep calling PA team biased blablabla, when the later tell the truth about their fav brands but why the f*ck are they still here?!

34. rd_nest

Posts: 1656; Member since: Jun 06, 2010

It's not "difficult". It's "impossible" for HTC to catch Samsung ever. The competition is long over. HTC is nothing now. Their only goal should be to survive now. Samsung's only rival is Apple. It's just now apple vs Samsung. Rest are just watching the game. HTC/Sony/LG/Moto/Nokia everyone is finished. It's only Apple vs Samsung. Survival of the fittest.

36. androiddownsouth

Posts: 598; Member since: May 02, 2012

Things change man. Wasn't long ago, Motorola was the name in android smartphones, starting with the Droid X, then everyone had to have the RAZR. Now Samsung is king of the android heap. Things can change, and nothing is over. Sammy has a huge lead and it will take a great effort to overcome them, but it's not impossible.

35. rd_nest

Posts: 1656; Member since: Jun 06, 2010

I know.

8. PhoneArenaUser

Posts: 5498; Member since: Aug 05, 2011

New HTC flagman's specifications are still not announced, so stop trolling about poor battery and other...

2. _Bone_

Posts: 2155; Member since: Oct 29, 2012

The next big thing is almost here, and hopefully it will be smaller than the SIII (the Xperia ZL managed to undercut it with a 5" screen).

5. SleepingOz unregistered

Smaller than the GSIII? I don't think so.. But 2 thumbs down for this comment? WTF? Samsung haters are feeling the heat.. haha

9. _Bone_

Posts: 2155; Member since: Oct 29, 2012

Maybe not smaller, but based on the rendered image with much slimmer bezel, doing S3 size is manageable, I'll do a little photoshopping in a moment...

13. SleepingOz unregistered

Yeah, not impossible. Gotta wait and see..

16. _Bone_

Posts: 2155; Member since: Oct 29, 2012

Okay, here's screensize-accurate comparison between the leaked S4 (5") and the S3 render (4,8"). The S4 is just a hairline wider and longer, but only the less rounded edges are noticeable, otherwise if that's the S4 render, it's basically the S3 size with less bezel.

23. SleepingOz unregistered

Yeah, seems legit..(no sarcasm lol) It will also gain more "hardware space" if it has a more rectangular design compared to the GSIII, which means bigger screen with less bezel.


Posts: 63; Member since: Feb 14, 2013

omg can't waitt hope the exynos is under the hood


Posts: 4851; Member since: Apr 13, 2012

Hope it has 3GB Ram and Power Vr 554 8 GPU clocked at 700ghz and CPU at 2.5™®©

18. tedkord

Posts: 17514; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

700ghz? Man, that would fly. ;p

38. rusticguy

Posts: 2828; Member since: Aug 11, 2012

Or melt and vaporise ... so yea fly in a way :)

6. PunyPoop

Posts: 752; Member since: Jan 18, 2013

I can't wait! iPhone 6!! March 14th! Oh no my mistake, it's the GS4 :|

11. quakan

Posts: 1419; Member since: Mar 02, 2011

My contract is up in November so I can't wait to see all the new flagships that come out between now and then.


Posts: 650; Member since: Nov 20, 2011

next nexus

17. jackhammeR

Posts: 1548; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

this maggot still alive....?

25. 9thWonderful

Posts: 232; Member since: Jan 24, 2013

Not been up on the SIV buzz...any official photos?

26. adolert15

Posts: 27; Member since: Oct 12, 2012

Who the hell is this man? HTC will miss sales in 2013? This guy thinks that is God...


Posts: 650; Member since: Nov 20, 2011

i rather wait for the next Nexus

33. nasznjoka

Posts: 418; Member since: Oct 05, 2012

they gotta do something unique with the S4 the competitors are up and running

37. Diego!

Posts: 880; Member since: Jun 15, 2009

I can't wait, March 8th is my birthday, so I'll be getting some money (plus the one I'm sparing) to buy a Galaxy S IV. Come to papa! :D

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