Multiple account support comes to Facebook Messenger on Android

Multiple account support comes to Facebook Messenger on Android
Earlier this month, Instagram was updated to include support for multiple accounts on iOS and Android. Today, an update for the Android version of Facebook Messenger has started rolling out, and includes the same feature. By enabling multiple accounts, users don't have to sign off and sign back on when they want to switch accounts. To use the multiple accounts, go to the Settings menu under Accounts.

Facebook says that it has added the feature for those who "share their phones and tablets with members of their family and friends." And even though more than one person will be able to avail themselves of the Facebook Messenger app on one particular phone or tablet, messages stay private.

A password is required the very first time a multiple account is opened on the app. After that, the account holder can decide whether or not a password is needed.

The update to the Android version of Facebook Messenger could hit your device at anytime. You can try to manually update the app by opening the Google Play Store, going to My apps and games, and checking your pending updates.

source: Facebook via AndroidCentral



2. KillTheKardashians

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Know you can troll better on facebook ^^

1. TyrionLannister unregistered

This is how it was selected for implementation. Suckerberg: Guys, I'm really happy with the progress we have made. Now messenger is the top sniffing app on android and iOS. Our app has all access to the phone, and we can mine data for as long as we want. Even force closing doesn't stop the process. But we've got to improve. We need to move forward. Any ideas? guy 1: Why don't we release a facebook launcher? guy 2: It's already there dumbass. Guy 3: How about a way we can mine a lot more data from a single phone? Also the resource consumption will be higher due to multiple threads. guy 4: But how's that possible? We have to add it as a feature, not to sound too suspicious. Guy 5: Multiple accounts anyone? Guy 5 gets promoted and we get this feature.

3. Inotamira

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Hey, you think that dead terrorist guy had Facebook messenger on his iPhone? Maybe Facebook has the info the FBI needs :D?

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