Mozilla announces new Fennec Alpha 4 browser for Windows Mobile

Mozilla announces new Fennec Alpha 4 browser for Windows Mobile
It's a cut throat world that mobile web browsers live in when you consider the sheer amount of competition out there vying for a piece of the market. Despite it all, Mozilla still aims to set their sights on the Windows Mobile platform by announcing that a new Alpha is available for their Firefox Mobile browser. It may be a short lived celebration especially after the announcement of Microsoft's highly anticipated Windows Phone 7 Series mobile operating system. In this latest version, users can expect a range of improvements and bug fixes – these include improved interactions with the software keyboard, responsive “fuzzy” zoom, improved panning/scrolling performance, faster start-up time, password echoing, ability to scroll frames, and improved kinetic panning with directional locking. There's still a lot more to expect from it – let's just hope they continue to fine tune the application and keep the interest high enough.

source: Mozilla via wmpoweruser


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