Motorsport Manager is free on Android right now, grab it while they're giving it away


Got gasoline in your veins? Know the closest kin of all the F1 champions by name? And finally, you regard manifolds to be a pristine example of contemporary art?

Thankfully, you don't need to meet those requirements to enjoy one of the latest noteworthy games that have gone free on Google Play. We are talking about none other than Motorsport Manager, a critically-acclaimed management game that lets you manage your own motorsport team and reap success on the track. You get to choose strategies, issue orders to your pilots, and decide when to pit for the best outcome possible.

The game is free for the taking today, but we don't know if this deal is going to last for much longer, so grab it while you still can. Even if you're not a fan of motorsports, it'd be a nice collection to your Android gaming library.


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