Motorola unveils MOTOACTV: your Android fitness companion

Motorola unveils MOTOACTV: your Android fitness companion
Motorola has announed the MOTOACTV, a wearable and lightweight Android-based device, which you can carry with you for your workout and pair with your smartphone. The Moto ACTV has got a small, 1.6-inch touchscreen. Just how light you might ask? Just a mere 1.27 ounces (36g) and 0.38 inches thick (9.6mm).

"Moto ACTV is like having a peronsal trainer and DJ at your side," Sanjay Jha, chief executive of Motorola Mobility summarized.

The tiny wearable gadget doubles as a music player, heart-rate monitor, calorie calculator, distance tracker, and GPS device. If you pair it with a Bluetooth headset, you can also take calls without pausing your workouts. It supports the low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 protocol.

"This was really made for fitness enthusiasts…and people like me, who just want to lose a couple pounds," Jha added. 

What’s interesting is that the gadget not only plays music, but also detects which songs pump your heart rate and plays them to boost your performance. Of course, it’s also sweat-proof and resistant to rain and scratches.

Along with it comes a service,, which stores your workout data. You can also share that on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The MotoACTV rivals other fitness accessories like the Nike+ system coming bundled with some iOS devices. 

The gizmo will be available on November 18 at Best Buy and in Q1 2012. The biggest letdown? The 8 gig version costs a whopping $249, and the 16GB one goes for $299.

source: Motorola Mobility

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