Motorola seeks to diversify carrier presence, enter tablets

Motorola seeks to diversify carrier presence, enter tablets
Motorola made the news recently with its plans for restructuring, but it seems the news does not end here as co-CEO of the IT giant, Sanjay Jha, now spoke up against what he saw as “competitive dynamic” at Verizon, which might mean that we are about to see an increasing number of DROID-like devices for other service providers.

"We're diversifying amongst carriers in the United States," Jha noted. "You will see a much broader portfolio with AT&T. At Sprint, I hope to be able to deliver more products, and at T-Mobile we've of course had a relationship for a long period of time." This means that Moto will now cover even more extensively all four major U.S. carriers. Jha went on to say that this could mean a “loft” of Motorola branded phones in the first quarter of 2011. Nevertheless, the company's co-CEO assured that Moto “will have 4G devices in the marketplace early next year”. And while 4G is still to come, some other intriguing devices by the phone maker were leaked just recently. But it is not only the hardware that matters and MOTOBLUR, the company's Android social-networking customization, will also be developed.

Tablets were surprisingly the other focus point for Motorola. The company will join the race in both the 10-inch and the 7-inch segments and is planning to run for premium quality and will not seek to match the lower priced tablets. Jha pointed out that business users tend to gravitate towards the bigger 10-inch tablets like Apple's iPad, while consumers gave preference to the smaller 7-inch kind. This is an interesting opinion and a bit controversial also as we see the overwhelming presence of the iPad.

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5. VanessaZan unregistered

I Love Motorola Android Phones.. Very powerful and beautiful overall,, but they would be PERFECT only if they could run HTC's sense UI.. I got me a Moto DROID-X less then a month ago, and even though i was very impress, I end up taking back since the Android experience was lacking toooo much.. I even tried to get some of the things I wanted from the market place, but nothing worked quite the same as things work on an HTC android.. So now I have a HTC Hero with Sprint and a HTC Incredible with Verizon...

4. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

No you don't you only make DROIDS for Verizon just to keep competition with the crappy Iphone. I always like and buy Motorola Products but after seeing the crippled back flip never will buy their phone until I see something powerful and nice for AT&T even though I'm stuck with them

3. narley

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P.S. They have to diversify, Verizon customers are going to be going Apples come January.

2. narley

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1. protozeloz

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Motorola makes good hardware, its more about their software and custom UI that has them with all this problem, also the fact that they forget about the international market... and some phones just don't get updates people want, hopefully the rumor about the new 2.3 update being able to deliver more stock interfaces, and having the companies develop some package or apps that may get updated separated from the OS will be a win

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