Motorola seeks patent for smart ads in navigation app

Motorola seeks patent for smart ads in navigation app
What would be the point of Audrey's Eclectic Sunglasses store or Michael's Acting School advertising on a phone whose user is halfway across town? Not only is it a waste of advertising dollars for those small businesses, it could also drive a customer into the arms of a closer competitor. Motorola Mobility (and when we say Motorola Mobility, we actually mean Google) has a solution and has has wisely filed a patent application for what it calls "Intelligent Presentation of Advertising with Navigation".

While traveling along a navigated route, ads will be displayed for businesses along the route with a preference for those stores on the same side that the driver is traveling on. And before the trip is actually taken, the route can be previewed and ads for stores that the driver will be passing along the way can be displayed. The whole process makes things easier and helps users better plan their day.

For small business, it gives them a chance to spend their advertising budget on a more focused campaign, knowing that the ads they are spending for are going to potential customers who will actually be driving by their store.

source: USPTO via Engadget

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