Motorola gains in brand loyalty thanks to DROID ads, passes Apple while RIM suffers

Motorola gains in brand loyalty thanks to DROID ads, passes Apple while RIM suffers
Those wondering where Motorola has gone right (at least up to this point) with the DROID where Palm went wrong with the Pre, might have to examine the difference between the two in how both advertised their iPhone challengers. Where Palm's ads went for the arty, avant-garde, Motorola went straight for the testosterone with an ad that could have been a trailer for a summer action movie blockbuster.As a result, the YouGov Brand Index shows a big jump for the Schaumberg, Illinois based company in the important Adult Male category. Apple and RIM have seen drops in their respective scores for Adult Males. Obviously, there is much volatility on a day by day basis, but it should be interesting to see how the Verizon-AT&T feud shows up on the scores. The decision to use Luke Wilson in its spots answering Big Red's "Map" ads was probably based on some scoring quotient showing Mr. Wilson to be the type of Man's man that a guy would like to hang out with, draining a few brews, discussing  the upcoming NFL weekend, hunting deer and talking for hours about the comparable features of a GSM network with a CDMA one. We will know if this was a good decision when the next batch of Brand Index scores comes out, covering the dates of the new AT&T and Apple spots.

For those who want to know the numbers, Apple has dropped from a score of 48.1 earlier this month to a reading of 22. The numbers are based on a survey of 5,000 Men age 18 and over taken each weekday. Motorola has overtaken the Cupertino crew with a reading of 29.3, very near the peak of 32.3 it scored a few days ago. YouGov says that Motorola is the likely beneficiary of the Verizon-AT&T death cage battle. "Motorola has seen its brand loyalty unaffected by AT&T's lawsuitsagainst Verizon Wireless and ad war bashing," YouGov said. "But itseems to have taken a toll on Blackberry, which has withered under allthe Droid/iPhone marketing and hype."

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source: YouGovBrandIndex via AppleInsider

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