Motorola aims at Samsung in new ad

Motorola aims at Samsung in new ad
Back in 2010 when the Apple iPhone 4 was having problems with Antennagate and the left-handed death grip, and sent out all of those rubber bumpers to owners, Motorola ran a couple of expensive full-page ads in major newspapers to make fun of Apple's plight while promoting the Motorola DROID X. Motorola used the same approach earlier this year to make fun of Apple's problems with its Apple Maps application.

Now, the wholly owned Google subsidiary is changing targets and is going after the Samsung Galaxy S III in a new ad that shows that the Motorola DROID RAZR HDdownloads faster than the Samsung Galaxy S III over the exact same Verizon LTE network and Qualcomm processor. To illustrate this, the ad shows a Motorola DROID RAZR HD with a completed download of Angry Birds while the same app is only 60% completed on a Samsung Galaxy S III. The funny part is the copy which reads "Don’t get stuck downloading from another galaxy. Get faster download speeds with DROID RAZR HD."A link will take you to a Motorola web site where further comparisons are made between the Motorola DROID RAZR HD and the Samsung Galaxy S III for battery life, design and build quality.

Motorola notes that the DROID RAZR HD gets 20% more battery life than Samsung;s flagship smartphone, and that's not the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD in the comparison either. The MAXX-less model has a long lasting 2530mAh cell of its own, good for 24 hours. Motorola also compares the Kevlar back of its device and the water-repellant nanocoating that makes its handset more durable than the Samsung Galaxy S III and its plastic back. Lastly, Moto likes its design better than that of the Samsung unit.

It's a good job of marketing by Motorola, but the Samsung Galaxy S III might be too hard to take down, even with a strong attempt like this from Motorola. We wonder how Samsung feels about being tossed under the bus by its partner. Google, after all, does own Motorola.

source: Motorola (1), (2) via DroidLife

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