Moto Z2 Force Edition is up on the torture table and that shatter-proof display sure scratches easily

This year, Moto made things simpler with its flagships — instead of launching heirs to both the elegant Moto Z and the durable Moto Z Force, it just went with a Moto Z2 Force Edition, which takes cues from both worlds. It's slim and lacks a headphone jack, yet sports the shatter-proof display.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything is well-known for running a pre-planner, elaborate torture test on every hot device that comes out and, sure enough, the Moto Z2 Force Edition was destined for his chopping block. It got tested for scratch durability, bend durability, and resistance to flame (the last one is not really a practical test, just a curious one).

You will notice that the screen scratches really, really easy — it's much software than other phones out there. The reason is that the ShatterShield display needs to be made out of plastic to ensure the “no shattering” part. So, sure, if you drop your phone, its screen won't break, but rest assured that it will be scratched by pretty much anything in your pocket.

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