Moto Insta-Share Projector hands-on

The idea of having a small projector available for use with a smartphone is not new. However, solutions up to this point either meant a stand-alone unit, or an awkward looking smartphone design, further handicapped by drinking the smartphone’s battery dry.

Motorola’s MotoMods, compatible with the new Moto Z and Moto Z Force, are modular accessories that simply “snap” into place. The possibilities are vast. Already, accessory makers have partnered to made fashionable back plates, rapid battery chargers, super-sized external batteries, high quality speakers, and projectors.

That is what we got to take a look at here. The lighting for the demo was not ideal, but the execution of MotoMods is as simple as you can make it. This small projector will beam an image as large as 70-inches. The other great feature about this projector is the sleek form factor. It will easily fit into any pocket or purse when not in use (but may want to keep handy).

Again, the idea of simply snapping on or off a purpose-built accessory is not complex, but making it as simple and as second nature as Motorola has with MotoMods is worthy of praise. Indeed, Lenovo CEO Yanqing Yang might be on to something when he said, “Snapping is the new flipping.”

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