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More evidence points to OnePlus 5 having its display mounted upside down


The OnePlus 5 has been the talk of the town since it's been released on the market. The so-called “flagship killer” has a issue with the display that many users are experiencing.

The issue is known as “jelly scrolling,” and no one is certain what's causing the odd problem that some OnePlus 5 users have been reported in the last couple of days.

Although not all OnePlus 5 devices are affected by the issue, those who do are quite disappointed by the fact that the Chinese company didn't deliver a flawless product. On top of that, OnePlus recently issued a statement claiming the jelly scrolling effect is natural and not a problem caused by a hardware or software issue.

Initially, it was thought that the jelly scrolling issue is close related to the fact that OnePlus 5's panel has an inverted orientation. However, there was no evidence that the smartphone would indeed have its display pointed upside down; until today.

XDA reports that a few members of its forums uncovered information that proves OnePlus 5's display is indeed mounted upside down. Details in the kernel source code defines that the panel is oriented 180 degrees, so the display controller is instructed to compensate by that value.

Another reputable XDA forum member discovered evidence that OnePlus 5's display matrix is inverted when compared to that of the OnePlus 3T. The information comes from the source code he found while digging in the OnePlus 5's software.

Lastly, there is hardware evidence obtained through teardowns, which show OnePlus 5's panel has been mounted upside down. Obviously, this isn't a manufacturing mistake, but it's a deliberate decision made by OnePlus, as the company was forced to accommodate a dual-camera setup and few other components that neither of its previous smartphones had.

Since this was in fact OnePlus' decision, then the company was right to state that the jelly scrolling effect is natural because that wouldn't happen if the panel wouldn't have been mounted upside down.

Even though we can't say for sure that the jelly scrolling issue is caused by the inverted orientation of OnePlus 5's display, it's worth pointing out that many smartphone users have been able to replicate the problem when they inverted the orientation of the panel on their own devices (other than the OnePlus 5).

Sadly, because OnePlus announced that the jelly scrolling issue is something “natural” and not a bug, customers who bought the OnePlus 5 can't return it or ask for a replacement; at least for now.

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source: XDA, MyFixGuide
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