More details about Sprint's integration with Google Voice (video demo)

More details about Sprint's integration with Google Voice (video demo)
Along with the announcement of the Google Nexus S 4G for the Now Network on Monday, Sprint also let it be known that it's about to embrace Google Voice as an integrated feature for all of its CDMA phones, starting with the Nexus S 4G.

Since then, some of you have probably been asking themselves about what exactly would this integration bring to the table. At a dedicated event today at CTIA, Sprint tried to answer just these questions, and to tell you the truth, getting to use Google Voice seamlessly on your Sprint phone doesn't seem like a bad treat at all.

First of all, we should mention that the main goal of the Google Voice integration is to allow you to use your own Sprint number as your Google Voice number, without having to go through the trouble of porting it, and then subscribing for another line with your carrier. Now, you'll be able to simply establish your existing phone number as your GV number, free of charge.

The term “integration” seems very accurate in this case, as the service will be directly integrated with your dialer on Android phones, freeing you from the need of using the dedicated Google Voice app on your device. It's important to note that the service works for calls and texts, but doesn't currently support MMS.

So what are the benefits of Google Voice? The service allows you to use quite a few smart features actually. For example, you can take advantage of intelligent call forwarding and make it so that when your boss calls you (your Google Voice number, that is), his calls get automatically routed to your office phone, and not your personal one. Conversely, you can set all calls from your wife to go to your personal cell phone, or better yet, into your list of blocked numbers.

Additionally, you can keep track of your voicemail or call log online, without them getting lost every now and then, as well as use Google's very low international call rates. The sweetest thing of all, of course, is that you can give people just that one number (your Sprint number, set as your Google Voice number), and all their calls will be reaching all the phones (wireless, landline, etc.) associated with your Google Voice account.

So there's a lot to love really about Google Voice and its seamless integration with Sprint's services. Check out our sweet demo of GV below to see it in action!

It's still unknown exactly when we will be able to take advantage of the new integrated Google Voice experience, but everyone can sign up for notification right here.

source: Sprint and Google



9. Monica Cerna Rodriguez unregistered

Hmmm... That's interesting. Where did you first hear about this? Do you have other blog posts I can take a look at?Monica Cerna RodriguezMK Partners IncSalesforce Consulting Experts

8. JustinKramp unregistered

hi from Sprint! One correction to your article - this integration is at the network level -- not the "dialer on Android phones." This service will work on any Sprint-branded CDMA phone. So that Samsung M320 or Fuziq will work just as well as an EVO 3D. Now, the Android Google Voice app will add some handy features, but the Google Voice features themselves will work just fine without that app. More details at

6. green2u unregistered

I love to MMS so until they get that down, I will pass. The only benefit for me (and I don't use my phone for business) is the ability to make international calls on my Sprint phone on those rare occasions I am abroad.

5. Ronen Polinovsky unregistered

This is a great feature that will be beneficial to many business users.

1. sun0066

Posts: 289; Member since: Feb 12, 2011

Just Horrible , not good for the everyday use . I mean it is good and all , but how many people does really need the sms and call going to a lots of devices at the same time, in my opinion another feature that is gonna pass without too much success. IMHO i just need a phone with a good camera, connectivity, memory , processor and a lot of applications ,a good battery and able to roam in the world, that is it.

2. gemini555 unregistered

first of all, you should proof read your posts. for example, this is not grammatically correct: "how many people does really need the sms". secondly, this is a great feature that many people will use to make cheap international calls. this feature by itself make it extremely useful. if you don't like the feature, just don't use it.

7. LionStone

Posts: 1048; Member since: Dec 10, 2010

First of all, "proofread" is one word or separated by a hyphen. Secondly, the first letter of a sentence should be capitalized. Back on topic, I love my Google Voice.

3. homineyhominey

Posts: 29; Member since: Mar 10, 2011

Isn't that what everyone wants in a phone though? HTC makes some killer devices, but we all know about batteries. We ALL want more apps and great coverage anywhere we go.

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