More Voyager info is revealed

More Voyager info is revealed
An anonymous tipster has sent us some screen shots of the LG Voyager datasheet. This reveals some specifications about the device that was currently unknown.

The external display is a Touch-Screen (which we already knew), but we now are sure that the size of both internal and external displays will be 2.81" 400x240 pixels (WQVGA) and support up to 262K colors. Both can be used with the HTML Browser, Mobile TV, and VZ Navigator.

The Voyager and enV are the same height, but the Voyager will be slightly wider and not as thick. The Retail Package will include the Voyager, 950mAh Battery, Wall charger, USB Data Cable, and VCast Music Manager CD. When using the data cable, the PC will see the phone as a Mass Storage device, which allows you to transfer files directly to and from the MicroSD card (8GB supported).

Other features include MP3 Playback, Stereo Speakers, QWERTY Keypad, 2.0MP AutoFocus Camera, Speakerphone, Bluetooth, and 3G EVDO data connection.

The Voyager will be available to PreOrder from Verizon Wireless beginning on Nov 8th and will launch on the 21st. Pricing is $299 after a $50 Rebate with a 2-Year Contract.



1. bob unregistered

Too bad they didn't do a THIN version without the keyboard

2. Sammo or Bolo unregistered

Everyone has hyped up this iphone for so long that I believe it didn't meet everyone's expectations. I don't think there is 1 handset that will meet everyone's expectations. In reality, it's all a matter of preference and in the end, everyone can't be satisfied. Verizon does have a reputation to be a company that doesn't put out the greatest and latest technology in their handsets but that is a small sacrifice for the quality they give to their customers. I work on a damn island and you know what? Of all the carriers, they are the best as far as call quality and reception. So what does that tell you. While I am on the phone doing my thing, everyone who is knocking this company are the ones who can't make calls. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying they are perfect or flawless, but thanks Verizon for standing your ground and not giving into the corporate disgrace called Apple. For fighting the power, I salute you.

3. Sammo or Bolo unregistered

Now as far as the handset concerned, this Voyager looks amazing. Will it revolutionize the industry? I don't think so. However, I look at it this way, there are a lot of disgruntled customers who want Verizon to come out with some new handsets to keep up technology-wise with the rest of the carriers. The Voyager is so unique that there is no comparison to the iphone. How many phones like this do you know that have a QWERTY keyboard? Probably none. I'd like to see iphone users do a text message faster than the future Voyager users. The only thing I wish for was an extended battery which the nice Samsung people did with their i760. I mean the Voyager is supposed to be the Marquis phone for Verizon, it should be armed with all the "ammunition" a customer should get. If you know what I mean.

4. Ive unregistered

Its good to see verizon is changing up thier whole phone line with the latest out without jumping on too many bandwagons. While this is not a ground breaking phone it definetly tweaks the new touch screen idea by adding a qwerty keyboard. While I dont think this well get Iphone users to will definetly keep the remainding customers as well as grab new ones. Like someone else said one phone will satisfy will all depend on the user.

5. Eli unregistered

That blue is really ugly. I can't believe Verizon is becoming a less nazi like comapny, and including a data cable! Not only does it include a data cable but it shows up as a mass storage device, and you don't have to sync it with some annoying proprietary software on WMP. Really nice for those of us who use itunes and not windows media player.

6. jay unregistered

This phone is not the Iphone killer.

7. Jerry unregistered

There will be an iPhone Killer coming by the Holiday, so be patient. Samsung F700 "Qbowl" redesigned exclusively for Vodafone and Verizon, it will sport a 3.2" Touchscreen, a 3 MP Auto-Focus and a lot more. Google Samsung Qbowl for more Gallery or go to and and

8. big j unregistered

$300 is to much mom won't buy that for me unless i pay for half of it myself or have good grades

9. unregistered

its not ment to be cheap, its ment to go after people willing to pay that much for cool phones (ie: iphones and PDA/smartphones). Its not ment to be the phone for everyone, just everyone who is willing to spend the $$. Working in a VZW store, the curiosity and probable demand for the phone is high, especially among peeps who concider the Iphone. It does everything it should, better than that other phone, and u dont even have to pay to have the battery switched out!!

10. VZWGUY unregistered

Hey Jerry Im glad someone else mentioned the F700 I was told it was going to be called the X700 but hoping it is going to be more the like the U700 which is already out for vodafon in Europe. Do you have any other details on this device. I seen it the other day on G4TV of all places and cant find even a whisper on the web about it.. Im pretty excited about it. Looked like I phone with a slider type qwerty key board kinda like the new sidekick slider. Any links would be helpful

11. Verzion_Subscriber unregistered

There will not be a iphone killer. Just like every mp3 player is suppose to be a ipod killer. Apple will always upgrade, invent, and make it better. Hopefully Verizon will be able to get one on their network so I can stay before my contract expires.

13. I get it all unregistered

To number 8, buy it. Who cares? I get everything I want including unlmtd txt and MMS. (Multimedia txt/reg). Pay for it, but I dont have to.

14. tluv00 unregistered

Why would anyone want the iphone? Sure it has a built in IPOD WITH NO STEREO BLUE TOOTH SUPPORT!!?? Call quality is sub par, AT&Ts network is slow as dirt, and Apple is constantly saying "screw you" to it's customers by not supplying insurance, replaceable batteries or the ability to pay cash. I hope your IPhones are waterproof you LEMMINGS!!

15. Sammo or Bolo unregistered

Ok, there has been a lot of backlash about how the LG Voyager is supposed to be the iphone killer. Then all of the sudden, people learn about this new Samsung U940 coming out and they say that's the iphone killer. Honestly, I think that you can justify either one being a competitor, but has anyone ever thought about this? Considering all the new phones VZW is putting out, they can shoot themselves in the foot(or the rear) because these 2 phones will be in competition with the iphone but more importantly with each other. They may have internal chaos because people who are looking for a new phone will be torn as to what they want. I am glad there will be a lotta choices but then again, too many will have people confused. I think the Voyager is great but the U940 is so close. Honestly, no one knows what will happen. I think AT&T and Apple made their money already so I don't think they even care.

16. GoVZW unregistered

In one corner, a trendy touch for the business man. In the other, a trendy touch for the everyday consumer. Not so much a fight. You get the best of both worlds.

17. Kevin unregistered

does anyone know if it has external speakers because i know the enV doens't and i can barely hear the music and the rings PLEASE HELP!!!

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