Mobile devices affect your health, what can you do about it (infographic)

Mobile devices affect your health (infographic)
We know that stooping over those relatively small smartphone and tablet screens and straining our eyes for hours on end is not what are bodies were made to do, so shoehorning our vision, hearing and posture to use the fruits of the Great Mobile Revolution can't come without consequences.

This infographic from an eyewear retailer, however, is probably the most comprehensive warning we've seen, and in the most digestible format, of how exactly using smartphones and tablets for a long time affects us in a negative way.

Starting with relatively minor issues like dry eyes, and continuing through lost sleep because of irradiation, up to the stark warning that immobility now leads to arthritis in 15-year olds, it is a wake-up call that we should address the ways we are using our gadgets on a daily basis. The compilation has some basic rules displayed for dealing with the negative consequences as well, so check it out below.

source: Mezzmer via AAS

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