Mobile app Cautoh's infographic exposes Americans' drinking preferences by state, age, and gender


Among the many areas of your life that owning a smartphone can improve upon is getting your drink on! This happens by the way of apps like Cautoh, a free piece of software for Android and iOS that lets users track their drinking and estimate their blood alcohol level. Taking data from the app's user base that's reported over 22,000 drinks since launch, the hard-working (and hard-drinking?) folks at Cautoh put together an infographic that showcases Americans' drinking preferences by state, gender, and age. We find both the application and the infographic informative, amusing, and definitely worth taking a look at.

The latter begins by showing the most popular drinks in several states. Unsurprisingly, people in New York and Texas love their beer, while those in sunny Florida like sippin' whisky the most out of all. Moving on, it appears ladies tend to become ever so slightly tipsier than men while under the influence – which is mostly explained by the difference in average body mass between genders. The infographic concludes by showing that the population aged between 35 and 44 is the most heavy drinking of all, although alcohol consumption tends to taper off later.

Such enlightening infographics aside, the Cautoh gang is busy with the production of a mobile breath analyzer. It's a compact gadget which connects to Android and iOS phones over Bluetooth and processes your breath with an "advanced semiconductor alcohol sensor." Booyah! The item is up for pre-order at a 50% discount right now.

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Gawk at the infographic and check out Cautoh by following the slideshow and links below.


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