Mitt Romney's iPhone app spells America wrong, Twitter rage ensues

Mitt Romney's iPhone app spells America wrong, Twitter rage ensues
Getting worked up over nothing is a favorite pastime for the US, and with Mitt Romney finally clinching the Republican nomination, he is now being subjected to scrutiny only a presidential candidate and a celebrity in rehab are entitled to.

As if hanging out with Donald Trump and discovering that Wall Street now favors him over Obama yesterday wasn't embarrassing enough, now it was unearthed that the official Romney iPhone app - "With Mitt" - has the US spelled as "Amercia" in it. Not quite up there like lining up his five sons the wrong way to spell "(R)money" instead of "Romney", but worth a chuckle nonetheless.

The app "lets you customize photos with a variety of Mitt-inspired artistic frames", and can slap the usual candidate slogans like "Believe in America", "I'm a Mom for Mitt", and "Obama isn't working" on your photos. One of these frames, however, reads "A Better Amercia", which brought the respective Twitterverse corner into overdrive.

Romney was just saying the other day how tiring it is to be careful what you say on the campaign trail because it can be taken out of context and spun into something totally different you have no control over - like proofreading the works of an intern who fed the slogans for your iPhone app. Now we don't even dare to open the "Mitt Romney Quote of the Day" app.

source: WithMitt (Twitter) via Gizmodo


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