Microsoft updates SkyDrive for Android, microSD card file uploads now supported

Microsoft updates SkyDrive for Android, microSD card file uploads now supported
A bigger and bigger part of our digital lifestyles is being moved to the cloud - that cannot be denied. And with the cloud becoming an integral part of an ever-increasing number of applications and services, you can hardly find a big enterprise nowadays that isn't offering some form of cloud storage service.

Never wanting to be left out of the game, Microsoft is already a prominent player in this space through its SkyDrive service. If you are hearing about SkyDrive for the first time - well, it's basically a cloud storage service, offering you the decent amount of 7 GB for free.

The news is that the Android SkyDrive client has just graduated to version 1.1. Probably the most important new functionality it brings is that it now allows you to upload files directly from you microSD card, without having to move them to the internal storage first. Microsoft has also added some new settings dealing with photo uploads and download size, and on top of that the graphical user interface of the app has also been refreshed.

So, if you happen to be a SkyDrive user with an Android device - why don't you head to the PlayStore and get your update!

Download SkyDrive for Android | iOS | WindowsPhone

source: Microsoft via AndroidCentral


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