Microsoft takes on iOS with Invite, a new scheduling app for your iPhone or iPad

Microsoft's Invite is a new meeting and scheduling app for your iPhone
Microsoft's Garage undertaking has already created a bunch of nice Android apps, and now it's time to conquer iOS, as part of Microsoft's new multipronged mobile strategy. The new iOS entrant is called "Invite," hinting at the app's ability to schedule and organize meetings, something that office folks would appreciate, and that's Microsoft's stronghold right there.

Invite works in a pretty simple way - you log in with your email account (it's suited for Office 365, but any email would work, too), and start shooting out timing suggestions to the potential attendees. Those will be received as Invite notification alerts, if they have the app installed, or as email if they don't. The participants then shoot back what times work for them individually, and in the end you set up a meet with the most suitable timing for all. 

The meet gets sent to the attendees, so that they can add it to their scheduling calendar, and that's all there is to it. Invite is currently available for iOS gear in the US and Canada, but you can bet it's coming to Android and Windows phones, too.

Developer: MicrosoftDownload: iOS
Category: BusinessPrice: Free

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