Microsoft still working on Windows RT?

Microsoft still working on Windows RT?
A rumor floats about that Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows RT, which will remove the desktop functionality from the OS altogether. Desktop was by far the most perplexing of RT's features, as it was unable to run any legacy desktop programs. Instead, it was (officially) usable only for File Explorer, Internet Explorer, and Office RT (unless one decided to venture into the land of emulators and jailbreaking). But those could easily be launched from the Metro (*ahem* a.k.a Modern, a.k.a Microsoft design language, are we missing any?) interface, so users were confused by Windows RT's neither-here-nor-there environment.

Last year, we heard Microsoft say that there won't be three versions of Windows in the future, which naturally led to the belief that RT may be getting axed or merged with Windows Phone. According to the new rumors, the latter may have more truth to it. RT will only work with the Modern interface now, which will make it resemble Windows Phone more than Windows 8.1.

So, while nothing is concrete, we could speculate that Microsoft may be making steps to unify the OS running their phones and tablets under the same name – much like iOS and Android. Dare we say – about time?

source: Myce via BGR


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