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Microsoft sends out friendly reminder of upcoming WM6.x burial

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Microsoft sends out friendly reminder of upcoming WM6.x burial
You may remember back at the beginning of March, Microsoft sent out discontinuation notices to inform users that the Windows Marketplace for Windows Mobile would be shut down in May. The original notice said that the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace would no longer be available starting on May 9, 2012.

Microsoft has now sent out a friendly reminder of the upcoming demise of the WM6.x Marketplace. Interestingly, the new notice states that the discontinuation date has changed to May 17, 2012, so you have a little extra time to get what you need and make your backups.

As we mentioned before, all apps and games will continue to work after that date, but will no longer be able to be downloaded. If your device needs to be reset after May 17th, you will no longer be able to obtain these apps from the Marketplace, so be sure to keep a backup of anything you consider critical if you plan on continuing to use a Windows Mobile device.

Also, since sometimes ‘mobile’ and ‘phone’ can get confused due to Microsoft’s branding. Windows Phone and its Windows Phone Marketplace are a completely separate entity from Windows Mobile and its Windows Marketplace for Mobile. This discontinuation only applies to older devices running on the Windows Mobile platform.

source: PPCGeeks

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