RIP: Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x

RIP: Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x
We can’t say that we really expect any of you to be taken back by this news, but Microsoft has started sending letters out to Windows Mobile 6.x customers informing them that the Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x will be taken down on May 9, 2012.

Back in June, Microsoft announced that there would be no additions to the Windows Mobile Marketplace and it killed off the Windows Mobile Marketplace website. While those rocking old school Windows Mobile devices were still able to download apps through their devices, it looks like that feature will come to a halt just 11 months later.

Just to be clear, since Microsoft didn’t do the best job separating the branding, Windows Mobile Marketplace is a completely separate entity from Windows Phone Marketplace. All newer Windows Phone 7 and up devices utilize the Windows Phone Marketplace, thus will be unaffected.

Apps that have already been downloaded will still run, but the ability to update them will be lost, so Microsoft is asking that you update all of your existing apps prior to the May 9th shutdown. Also, in the event that the device needs to be wiped or hard reset, there will be no way to recover them.  If you absolutely refuse to upgrade until your Windows Mobile 6 device kicks the bucket, make sure you back up your entire app collection as well.

source: Clove


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