Microsoft plans to bring Office Hub app to iOS


iOS users might be blessed with yet another important productivity tool coming from Microsoft, the Office Hub. The application hasn't been announced yet, but evidence shows that the Redmond-based company is now working to bring this specific tool to iOS devices.

Office Hub is more like your productivity hub where you will be able to access Microsoft's Office 365 and all the features this suite of apps has to offer. For example, you can see what People are working on various documents, but you can also see Documents shared and created among other things.

The application was originally rumored to arrive on Windows 10 devices, but it looks like Microsoft plans to make it available on iOS platform as well. In fact, a few screenshots leaked recently show that the iOS version of Office Hub strongly resembles the Windows 10 app.

The Office Hub is internally codenamed Havana, but Microsoft is working on lots of other productivity apps that are part of the same project, so when it comes to productivity it's not just Office Hub that the company plans to launch on iOS and Android in the coming months.

One other interesting piece of information would be the fact that Office Hub will be launched on iOS devices first, while Windows 10 users will get it afterwards.

Unfortunately, it's unclear whether or not Microsoft will be able to release Office Hub on iOS by the end of this year, but the screenshots published show a pretty complex app with lots of advanced features, so it shouldn't be too long until the Redmond makes it official.

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