Microsoft kills off Nokia's Asha and Series 40, says new high-end Windows Phone handsets are coming soon

Microsoft kills off Nokia's Asha and Series 40, says new high-end Windows Phone handsets are coming soon
We have more breaking news related to Microsoft, after earlier today the Redmond giant announced that it would cut 18,000 jobs “in the next year”, and it would shift Nokia X product designs to become Windows Phone-based Lumias.

According to The Verge, which obtained an internal memo sent by Jo Harlow to employees, Microsoft will stop supporting and developing Nokia Asha and Nokia Series 40 devices over the next 18 months. The Nokia X line is included here as well.

The last Asha handset announced by Nokia is the Asha 230 - pictured on the left - which was released in February as “the most affordable touch device ever” (costing around $62).

Freed from Nokia’s feature phones, Microsoft will try to lure customers to Windows Phone, as this is (and will be) available on handsets at all price ranges. Speaking of it, Jo Harlow mentioned that new high-end Windows Phone products will be announced “very soon.”

Microsoft also wants to get rid of Nokia MixRadio, and intends to sell it. Apparently, unnamed third parties are showing “strong interest” in MixRadio - which, in Nokia’s words, is “a radio station app that seems to always know the music you want to hear.”

source: The Verge



1. ArtSim98

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9. Jinto

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22. Johnnokia

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From the first day E-flop was appointed as Nokia's CEO and called Symbian or MeeGo the burning platform, I immediately realised that he is a trojan horse came from microbitch to destroy Nokia. Shame on you Finnishs ... You offered your legened glory free to the murders and betrayed billions of Nokia's fans. I averse Microsoft .. Still have faith in the rest of Nokia to revive and come back by 2016 Very very sad.

26. Arte-8800

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I feel you That POS even killed my beloved Nokia 8800 series, which I really love. +1

46. elitewolverine

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you have a very disturbed idea of reality. Meego had no phone to show them when elop arrived, symbian was a mess. Nothing will change this, this is from the mouth of employees LOOOONG before Elop arrived. But go on, post your ignorance.

50. Liveitup

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That is many Android fans they lie a lot, far from reality.

59. rodneyej1

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How can someone sit and say "My beloved Nokia",,, then say they aren't a "fan boy"??...... They should've put the lead blanket on this dudes head at the hospital,, because obviously radiation has cause him some damage.

70. Arte-8800

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But not like you, your a hardcore Nokiawp fanboy. There's a difference, in fanboy and love, hardcore fanboy.

73. rodneyej1

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Will someone please tell this trash to stop trying to get my attention... How stupid can you be to keep replying to someone who has never replied back? Can't you dumb trolls take a hint? I don't argue, and will not argue, with anyone who I know to be a stupid troll, so leave me alone!.. Any further attempts to communicate with me I consider harassment.. Leave me alone!

78. Arte-8800

Posts: 4562; Member since: Mar 13, 2014

Chill Be cool Take it easy

80. Arte-8800

Posts: 4562; Member since: Mar 13, 2014

You replied me back, via someone else, Elitewolverine. And then you said "my belovef" obviously your replying to me, but indirectly. Delusional Lol

83. AfterShock

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Do you at least remove the broom head before going out? You're posting on the web, open for all to see and reply to your postings. We're all getting tired of you and your hi horse postings. You call everyone names and pretend to be above it yourself, lol you're not. Before it was trumpeting WP, you got a vacay, now it's another thing. Perhaps another vacay. Don't bother replying, your diatribe means crap to me.

63. BobbyDigital

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I think you're the one who's misconstruing reality a bit here. Meego had the N9 already out. Elop even showed it off. The N950 was its successor waiting in the wings but Elop killed it and limited N9 sales to places like Russia, even though the media loved the phone. Symbian was a mess but Symbian^3 had strong sales. Nokia's plan was to have Meego at the high end and Symbian to the mid range. Series 40 was for the ultra low end. Elop came in and ruined that.

47. Liveitup

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You need to educate yourself, you wrote complete rubbish. Far from the truth.

57. rodneyej1

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You're a nerd, dude... Lol!! Seriously, go back and listen to how you sound... You really sound like you were writing that from your moms basement surrounded by you Dungeons&Dragons action figures!.. Lol! "I averse Microsoft" Really? Don't take it so personally, dude.. You act like your wife, and kids, are at harm.. Lol! ............... It's not your money! But, you made me laugh, so kudos to you.

64. akki20892

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Johnnokia we r with u.....

71. Arte-8800

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So am I akki. Accept Liveitup and Rodney. Especially Rodney the epical Nokiawp MS hardcore fanboy.

84. GeorgeDao123

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I agree with you John about everything but Nokia's return by 2016. +100

87. marcski07

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conspiracy: what if, nokia is really the one who is playing with microsoft ditching their dying flatform and giving their "trash" to microsoft, and use the money for something revolutionary in 2016, and then windows phone will struggle, and the nokia employees who are layed off and still currently working will jump back to nokia, and microsoft will be left with employees that has no experience yet. remember, they can't use nokia anymore in 2016, so there's something really going on, a plan, a comeback with vengeance. :D 2016 is a long time to optimize or develop the sailfish os and make it perfect.. :)

17. arenanew

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google feeding on microsoft and android depend on window . google is just only crap search engine

24. Manti123

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Same time next year, Microsoft will phase out Windows Phone and sell the cellphones division back to Nokia, so that Nokia could reproduce phones in 2016. WTF,, Microsoft is playing with its sh*t Worst company ever

44. Liveitup

Posts: 1798; Member since: Jan 07, 2014

Google trolls are out in force. Microsoft shaped the world with its products and services, Microsoft isn't the worst company ever Microsoft is a great company, you are just ignorant.

36. ihavenoname

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Arenanew, wth?

48. Clashy unregistered

How about you download a f****** dictionary on your god d*** Windows phone.

2. UglyFrank

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Microsoft suck!!!!!! (This is a mature comment)

10. akki20892

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If they cancel this lines then they should make Lumia in that lowest price.....!!! And asha is OK because they can make cheap Lumia around 70$. But they can't cancel s40 because its for those people who can't afford over 50$ phones.....and I agree with u.....

14. WahyuWisnu

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I guess those who can't afford over US$50 phones must buy second hand phone.

32. billgates

Posts: 555; Member since: May 29, 2014

Hey you say second hand phones like it's a bad thing? I've been able to try way more phones thru craigslist

33. WahyuWisnu

Posts: 1001; Member since: May 29, 2014

+1 for you. it was a sarcasm...

91. corporateJP

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That's how you met your boyfriend, too, isn't it? Through Craigslist?

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