Microsoft has no Lumia 1030 in the pipeline, reportedly

Microsoft has no Lumia 1030 in the pipeline
Last month, we heard a new round of rumors regarding Microsoft's potential flagship, which was believed to bear the Lumia 1030 name. Reportedly, it was codenamed "McLaren" internally. It was expected that the Lumia 1030 would be the successor of the Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia's 2013 flagship smartphone that is publicly believed to be one of the bets cameraphones of its time.

We had heard that the Lumia 1030 will sport a 50MP camera at its back, accompanied by a 4th-generation pulse LED flash at the back. Earlier this year, we even told you that this McLaren device will pioneer Microsoft's Kinect-like gesture-based controls, but this speculation was quickly scrapped. 

It seems that there might not be a Lumia 1030. This has been reported by Tom Warren, a senior editor with The Verge, who claims that Microsoft is not working on a Lumia 1030 and the leaked device we showed you is actually a canceled McLaren prototype, which did not employ a 50MP shooter, but a more modest 20MP one. It just that too many people got excited about this device and got a little bit carried away with the anticipation.

Does this mean that Microsoft is not prepping a new high-end Windows Phone-powered Lumia device? Of course not. Redmond surely has plans for a new top-tier smartphone, and although it might not necessarily be a successor to the Lumia 1020, chances are that we might hear something about it at one of next year's major mobile events, be it CES or MWC.


source: WMPoweruser
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