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Microsoft falsely hints at Angry Birds for WP7

Posted: , by Ken N.

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Microsoft falsely hints at Angry Birds for WP7
Amid the hysteria that is a product launch, Microsoft mistakenly placed Rovio's Angry Birds amidst the apps slated for Windows Phone 7. Given the success of the popular game, it certainly made an impression on potential Windows Phone 7 buyers.

Unfortunately, Rovio reported that they had no intention of delivering Angry Birds for the new Microsoft OS. They said that their app writer had "NOT committed to a Windows Phone 7 version." Not only that, Rovio said that Microsoft didn't ask permission to use the Angry Birds image.

Might we have yet another lawsuit on our hands? Probably not. But it is interesting to think about the disconnect with their marketing department. Was it their intention to give the impression of a WP7-bound Angry Birds? Was it just wishful thinking that the game would eventually arrive for their OS?

Microsoft doesn't have to fret too much about removing the one app from their marketing material. Their game titles for Windows Phone 7 include games as Bejeweled LIVE, UNO, Rocket Riot, Assassins Creed, and Guitar Hero 5.

Despite this hiccup, Rovio still might offer an Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 in the future. Should the OS gain a significant piece of the market, Rovio won't miss out on the opportunity to cash in.

source: Electronista, Microsoft
Microsoft falsely hints at Angry Birds for WP7

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:49

1. jd829 (Posts: 155; Member since: 24 Feb 2010)

oh snap

posted on 12 Oct 2010, 00:15

2. DonnyDEE (unregistered)

If I was microsoft I would ban them. Who the hell are they to get angry PUBLICLY with microsoft?????? What a joke. The right thing should of been to contact them PRIVATELY! They did themselves no favors!!! IDIOTS...........and the game is ok at best!!

posted on 12 Oct 2010, 10:12

3. trentsinmypants (Posts: 324; Member since: 29 Jan 2009)

Haha.....you must work for Microshaft. Rovio has every right to call them out on this. its false advertizing!

posted on 12 Oct 2010, 16:57

4. cc16177 (Posts: 312; Member since: 09 May 2010)

Microsoft can't afford to ban anyone making apps for mobile phones right now.

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