Microsoft and Motorola ask court to keep certain details of patent suit sealed

Microsoft and Motorola ask court to keep certain details of patent suit sealed
Microsoft and Motorola Mobility have filed a motion with the Western District of Washington federal court in Seattle on Friday, asking the court to keep certain details of their FRAND patent trial sealed. The trial ended in late November, after six days and was held to determine how much Microsoft should pay Google's wholly owned subsidiary for the rights to use standards-essential patents involving H.264 video and Wi-Fi.

During the trial, at both companies' request, Judge James Robart cleared the courtroom when sensitive issues or trade secrets were being discussed. Now, both tech firms want the court to keep sealed certain information. Motorola Mobility would like to prevent the public from knowing what it receives from third parties in the way of licensing fees for its patents, and Microsoft does not want the public to see certain marketing plans for future products. Motorola Mobility also would like to see any information about settlement talks between it and Microsoft remained sealed, saying that keeping the talks secret would encourage both parties to be open in the future, possibly paving the way to a settlement.

A ruling from the judge on the case isn't expected until after the ball drops in Times Square.

source: NYDailyNews



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