Microsoft Surface Phone name pops up on benchmarks, shown running Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Surface Phone name pops up on benchmarks, shown running Windows Phone 8
The Microsoft Surface tablet was Microsoft’s answer to a growing frustration with uninspiring designs from vendors, and now Redmond might be readying a Microsoft Surface Phone. A device under the Surface Phone codename running on Windows Phone 8 surfaced on WP benchmark WP Bench.

Will Microsoft dare release its own Surface Phone, though? Its partners were definitely not happy that now they have to compete with the software giant, but for Redmond developing such a handset might mean securing a back-up plan in case Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone devices don’t get the much needed traction for the platform.

Still, this could upset a lot of phone makers which might turn out to be damaging to Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system. 

Windows 8 has got the audience, popularity and confidence of a market leader, so Microsoft can risk angering its partners who often don’t have any other choices, but in mobile things are different.

Now, we should make it perfectly clear - this is just a rumor, not backed up by any actual pictures or something more substantial. We’d definitely take this with a huge grain of salt, but we can’t help but wonder - would you like to see a Microsoft Surface Phone? 

Check out the benchmark where it appears and chime in with your thoughts below.

source: WP Area via PocketNow


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