Microsoft Band Charging Stand now on sale for $10

Microsoft Band Charging Stand now on sale for $10
If you've been lucky enough to find a Microsoft Band to purchase, you can add a 3D printed charging stand for the device. The stand can be purchased in white, black and metallic-plastic. Pricing is $10, $11 and $15, respectively. With the product in use, the Microsoft Band can be employed as an alarm clock, or just a regular clock.

The Microsoft Band is available in the Microsoft Store for $199 (depending on inventory), and features a screen that is viewed from the underside of the wrist. Driving sales is a multi-platform approach that allows iOS, Android and Windows Phone users to pair with the wearable. The device also offers 24 hour heart rate monitoring and those pairing the Band with a Windows Phone 8.1 handset, can integrate it with Cortana.

Considering that the price of the Microsoft Band is $199 (and has been sold at prices double that on eBay), spending an additional $10 for the stand doesn't see like too much to spend to prevent the cables on your device from bunching up, and looking like a sloppy mess on your desk.

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