Memotion - the ultimate voice diary app reads the raw emotions inside your recordings

Are you writing a diary? We mean, are you still using a pen and paper? What is this, 1990? Toss that ancient notebook in the corner and give Memotion a shot! Like any proper diary, Memotion is all about you, your life, and your emotions. By virtue of emotion recognition technology backed with over 18 years of research, the app listens to your personal voice recordings with its trained cybernetic ear and assesses all the nuances in its intonation to catch and profile the turbulence of emotional energy they contain.

On opening the app for the first time, you will be asked to enter your name, birth date, and gender. Following that, you'll be greeted by the Memotion dashboard. For all the complex technology it utilizes, Memotion is dead simple to use. The Record button lets you record a diary entry of unlimited length. The transcribe button isn't available in the Beta release of Memotion yet. The poetically titled Memories is where the app stores and lets you access your recordings. Quick Analysis lets you profile a quick 20-second verbal outburst in an instant. Today lets you read about historical events that happened on the same date, your daily horoscope (if you are the believing kind), and important world news. That sure helps putting your emotions in perspective. Finally, the Settings buttons lets you make changes to your profile.

So, how does the whole emotion recognition part play through? To start, make a recording. When you're finished, go back to Memories, tap and hold over the recording, and hit Get Emotion Analysis. If your data connection is strong, the process happens almost instantly. When it's finished, you are presented with a report - that's where the fun begins. A fiery stream of brutal Serbian curse words rendered a report that pretty much hit home - "anger, hostility, dominance, conflict, intolerance, possibly sarcasm" are the moods that came across. Not bad for a beta app!

To help you decipher the reports, Memotion includes a glossary that explains the intricacies of primary and secondary mood groups, temper meter, temper value, and other metrics that get parsed in search of your true feelings. It's a sound idea to read it thoroughly if you happen to fall for the app.

Surprisingly, Memotion is free, while the ads are minimal and unobtrusive. Have fun with the app and don't be scared of its emotion sensing powers - after all, it's only a bunch of complex algorithms at work here, not some sentient artificial intelligence that will nuke us when it finally gets tired of our problems.

Developer: BrandallDownload: Android
Genre: CommunicationPrice: Free (with in-app purchases)


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