Manufacturers already preparing cases for the rumored BlackBerry Q30 (Windermere)

Manufacturers already preparing cases for the rumored BlackBerry Q30 (Windermere)
Although there is no official word from BlackBerry that the BlackBerry Q30 (Windermere) will be made, case manufacturers are apparently getting ready just in case (no pun intended) the Q30 becomes reality. The BlackBerry Q30 could be one of the top-shelf handsets that BlackBerry will design in-house, as opposed to the entry-level models that are being designed by contract manufacturer Foxconn.

With its unusually wide QWERTY design and lack of numbers and punctuation, it is believed that the keyboard will work using a combination of touch and gestures. If the look of the phone doesn't grab you, keep in mind that this is probably not close to being a final design for the device.

The latest rumored specs for the phone reveal a 4.5 inch 1440 x 1440 resolution screen with a quad-core 2.36GHz Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AB CPU under the hood. Tending to the graphics will be the Adreno 330 GPU. 3GB of RAM is on board. Apparently there will be a version of the phone for Verizon (R133), Sprint (R134), AT&T (R135), EAME (R136) and China. T-Mobile? Their license to sell BlackBerry handsets expires on April 25th.

source: Dongguan Honglang, via CrackBerry
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