Manual update can get your DROID to Android 2.2

Manual update can get your DROID to Android 2.2
We have reported that the Motorola DROID is expected to get an OTA upgrade for Android 2.2 sometime this week. Sure it's only Tuesday, but if you're the type that hears the clock ticking and the sweat starts beading up around the back of your neck, you can now manually install the software on to your DROID, even while some DROID owners around you (a very small number right now) are getting sent the upgrade. Before we give you the link so you can impatiently upgrade your handset, let's take a look at what will improve on your DROID. First, you should notice an increase in speed. Because of the Just-In-Time compiler, your phone should be zippier and more responsive. The 2.2 upgrade will give you the capability to run Flash 10.1 video and animation and there should be some improvement with the camera. You will not get to tether the DROID or use it as a Wi-Fi mobile hot spot as we earlier told you.

The instructions for you to follow are available from the source link and includes guides on how to download Froyo using your PC or Mac, or what to do if you want to upgrade to Android 2.2 using just the phone (OTA). When done correctly, you will have the official new Froyo build on your Motorola DROID. After you've installed the new OS, let us know what you think of it by sharing your comments below.

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source: androidforums

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