Major retailers start blocking Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Major retailers start blocking Apple Pay and Google Wallet
Apple has been quite vocal about all of the retail "partners" that it has on board for Apple Pay (most of which have been accepting Google Wallet for a while now), but it looks like the pushback from retailers is already coming to fragment the NFC payment market. A number of major retailers have started blocking Apple Pay and Google Wallet payments in favor of another proprietary payment option on the way.

The competing payment platform is CurrentC, which has the backing of Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), but not one single bank yet. MCX is a partnership created back in 2012 with major retailers like Walmart, Target, CVS, Best Buy, Dunkin Donuts, Gap, 7-Eleven, Sears, and many more. Despite the fact that CurrentC isn't on the market, has no banks on board, and won't be available until next year sometime, the MCX partners have started blocking Apple Pay, Google Wallet, SoftCard, and other mobile payment systems. 

So, it looks like there will essentially be two different types of stores once next year rolls around - those in MCX who support CurrentC, and everyone else. In the worst case scenario, MCX will gain more retail backers, or other major retailers will break off to create even more locked-down systems. But, we're hoping that the more open standard wins out, and the choice of mobile payment platform is left up to the consumer. 

source: iMore via The Verge

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