Like the function, but not the form of your Apple Watch Edition? This $10,000 accessory will shield your shame

Like the function, but not the form of your Apple Watch Edition? This $10,000-plus accessory will sh
The Apple Watch Edition garners awe in all the various forms. Some awed at the level of style, materials involved, and the price tag. Other awed (or perhaps gaped) simply at the price tag.

The Apple Watch Edition’s hallmark is the 18-karat gold body, either in yellow or rose hue, along with other premium materials. The price of entry for the Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000 and rapidly ascends from there, topping out at a mere $17,000.

Indeed, the Apple Watch Edition is an expression of excess. Even then, there are custom jewelers that will add to the extravagance with no shame. Apple Watch Edition is even good enough for Fido if you have the means.

For some though, they may not want to show off their Apple Watch excess, or maybe they are ultra-old-school and still want a traditional looking time piece on their wrist. Enter the Nico Gerard Skyview PINNACLE.

The Skyview Pinnacle is an automatic chronometer from Switzerland that provides a traditional timepiece on one side of your wrist, while supporting either a 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch. As with any luxury item, the options are plenty. The Skyview PINNACLE can be ordered in a standard black stainless steel, or blue variant, for roughly $9,500. You’ll be happy to know that includes a stainless steel Apple Watch and about a 10-month wait time for delivery.

If you want to go for the gold, that timepiece’s pricing starts at $112,000, and includes a gold Apple Watch Edition. The good news about that is the wait time for delivery is only six to eight weeks. The more precious models are being made first, hence the shorter delivery time, but the timepieces are the real deal, undergoing a full certification process.

The privilege to reserve your spot to order one of only 99 Skyview Pinnacles to be made will cost $200.

sources: Nico Gerard via Business Insider
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