Lease the Samsung Galaxy S9 from Sprint for only $5 a month

Lease the Samsung Galaxy S9 from Sprint for only $5 a month
While the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S9 is roughly 16 months old, buying a new one will still cost you around $400. But if you switch to Sprint or add a new line, you can actually have the device in hand using the carrier's 18-month Flex Lease for only $5 a month. That includes a $20/month bill credit. After 18 months, you will have the option of turning in the phone and walking away or leasing a brand new model. And if you want to buy the Galaxy S9, it will cost you $150 or six monthly payments of $25.

Newer Samsung models can also be leased at discount prices. The 128GB Galaxy S10e, after a monthly credit of $21.25 is only $10 a month with the Flex Lease plan for new customers or existing ones who add a new line. After 12 months it can be updated to the Galaxy S11e using the Galaxy Forever program, or you can hand it back to Sprint after 18 months. Sprint also gives you the option to buy the device after the lease period is up by paying $187.50 or making six monthly payments of $31.25.

The 128GB Samsung Galaxy S10 can be leased for just $15 a month after bill credits of $22.50/month. Again, this offer is available only to new Sprint subscribers or those who add a new line. After 12 months, you have the option of swapping the phone for the Galaxy S11. And if you decide against that option and complete the 18-month lease, you can walk away or purchase the device for $225 in one lump sum or agree to make six monthly payments of $37.50.

Lastly, if you switch to Sprint or add a new line, the 128GB Samsung Galaxy S10+ can be leased for monthly payments of $25 after a bill credit of $16.67/month. After 12 months, the phone can be exchanged for the Galaxy S11+ and the lease starts all over from scratch. Or, you can wait out the 18 months, turn in the phone, or buy it for $250.02. Sprint will allow you to pay that off with six monthly payments of $41.25.


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