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Leaked photo hints at MetroPCS launch for LG Optimus M+

Leaked photo hints at MetroPCS launch for LG Optimus M+
MetroPCS is apparently planning on launching the LG Optimus M+ as a sequel to the LG Optimus M. A leaked image of the LG Optimus M+ was obtained by PocketNow and while the handset has not yet been announced by the no contract carrier, the image shows the MetroPCS logo on the screen of the M+. The original LG Optimus M was the first Android device offered by the carrier.

The unannounced MetroPCS LG Optimus M+
Right off the bat, the new screen is increased in size to 3.5 inches from the 3.2 inch HVGA display with support for 64,000 colors on the original model. The new phone supports 256,000 colors and keeps the same resolution as the first-gen LG Optimus M. The 3.2MP camera on back has been replaced with a 5MP shooter with flash and the single-core 600MHz processor has been improved to a single-core 800MHz processor. Bluetooth also will be improved as it goes from Bluetooth 2.x to Bluetooth 3.0 EDR. Android 2.3 will be pre-installed

Without an official introduction by MetroPCS, we can't even consider a launch date for the LG Optimus M+. When the device does launch, thanks to ts specs, it will be right up there among the carrier's top Android models like the LG Esteem and the LG Connect 4G.

source: PocketNow

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